Why Do I Need Insurance?

If you’ve found our website, then you’ve already taken the first step, but it is important to understand the many reasons why it is so important to have medical insurance in the United States. Below are a few things for you to consider:

1. Healthcare in the US is VERY Expensive

While our doctors and hospitals provide some of the best medical care in the world, the US does not offer free medical care to the general public. So, while individuals in the US have access to top notch medical care, it can be very expensive and it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that expenses for the medical care they receive are paid. Without an insurance plan, the individual would be responsible for the full cost. For an emergency room visit, the cost can be a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a minor injury. A typical ambulance ride can range from a few hundred to over $1,000 dollars. For more serious medical conditions, intensive care, long hospital stays, and more…the costs can be extremely high.

2. Access to Healthcare

Without adequate insurance, individuals may forgo important medical care which can lead to health issues and even larger problems down the road. Proper insurance coverage provides peace of mind so individuals can confidently obtain the medical care that they need. In addition, most medical insurance plans provide access to a “network”, which is a grouping of doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities that have contracted with an insurance company to offer medical care at a lower price to policyholders. This network access not only keeps your costs down, but provides tools to help you locate a medical provider based on your location and needs.

3. Visa Requirements

If you are a J1 or J2 visa holder, the US State Department requires you to remain insured throughout your program. J1 and J2 visa holders must maintain coverage of $100,000 for accidents & sicknesses, $50,000 for medical evacuation and $25,000 for repatriation of remains with a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness. This is to ensure that exchange program participants do not get stuck with enormous medical bills in the event of a serious accident or illness. All of our plans, with a few exceptions, meet the minimum J1 visa requirements.

4. College or University Requirements

For all of the reasons noted above, most of colleges and universities also require that international students and scholars maintain health insurance. While the requirements vary widely by school, their goals are typically the same – to ensure that you can obtain and afford medical care. Unpaid medical bills can affect your finances, your credit and potentially your ability to continue your academic goals in the US. Our plans are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of international students and meet most college and university requirements.

5. Additional Benefits for International Travelers

When traveling far from home, it’s important to consider what could happen. If you become seriously ill or injured, how will you get home? Can your family members come to the US to help you? All of our plans contain benefits for Emergency Medical Evacuation. That means if something serious does happen, our team will help coordinate and pay for transit back to your home country. Some of our plans, like Trail Blazer Basic and Trail Blazer Elite, even include Emergency Medical Reunion benefits to help coordinate travel and pay for a family member to come stay with you if you need to stay in the hospital. Many of our plans also include virtual visits with a medical doctor or mental health professional.

It’s a lot to consider but we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.