What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

Choosing the right plan is important and we’re here to help guide you. You'll need to consider your budget and many other factors. As you shop for an insurance plan, here are some important things to consider:

1. Your College or University's Requirements

Does your college or university have specific insurance requirements that you need to meet? The international student and scholar services, or similar office at your school, can help you find this information. Once you obtain this information from your school, you should review the plans you are interested to make sure they meet the requirements. Our team can assist if you have questions. Send us an email to info@intlstudentprotection.com with a copy of the document listing the requirements or link to the information, and we can recommend a plan that’s right for you. If your school doesn’t have any requirements, we can still help guide you to a plan that suits your needs.

2. Plan Benefit Maximum

The J1/J2 visa requirements set for by the US State Department require exchange program participants to maintain coverage including a minimum of $100,000 per accident or sickness. While this requirement doesn’t apply to F1 visa holders, this is still sometimes used as a benchmark. In the event of a serious accident or sickness, though, medical expenses can exceed that amount, so it’s important to choose a level of coverage that makes you feel protected. For example, our Trail Blazer Basic plan covers up to $500,000 for each accident or sickness.

3. Out of Pocket Expenses

Do you prefer a higher deductible, but a lower up front cost? Or would you prefer to pay a little bit more for your insurance plan and have less expenses later if you need to use it? In general, plans that come with a lower premium (the amount you need to pay to take out the insurance plan) mean you may need to pay more for medical services later. Plans with a higher premium generally require you to pay less for medical services later. When deciding on insurance plan, it’s important to consider not only the up front cost, but what it might cost later if you need medical care. You can find all of the information on the plans we offer here on our website, and you can start by getting a quote here.

4. Customer Service & Support

From deciding which plan is right, to getting enrolled, and eventually using your plan if you get sick or injured, the entire process can be confusing. If you need help with your enrollment, or have questions about medical care, give us a call or send us an email. We’re here for you! With over 40 years of experience in student health, we are a leading provider of international student insurance plans. Our team understands the unique needs of international students and scholars and are here to help every step of the way. That’s why we’re trusted by hundreds of schools and thousands of students across the U.S. Additionally, all of our members have access on online tools to access their information and insurance ID card 24/7.

5. Additional Benefits

Not all insurance plans are created equal. While many plans include the same basic benefits, it’s important to consider what other features or coverages might be available. For example, our Trail Blazer Elite plans include access to telephone and virtual visits with both doctors and medical health professionals, at no cost to members. Trail Blazer Elite also includes a Quarantine Benefit. This unique benefit would help cover additional costs for things like housing, food, and transportation if you are forced into a medical quarantine due to COVID-19.

It’s a lot to consider but we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

Our team is constantly working to make plans available that meet or exceed most college and university insurance requirements. However, these requirements do change from time to time and you should always check with your school to make sure your chosen ISP plan meets their current insurance requirements. We are happy to review your school’s requirements and recommend a plan that is right for you!