Introducing DialCare Telehealth & Mental Wellness

As campuses begin to open, convenient and affordable access to both medical care and mental health resources will be more important than ever but campus and community resources may be more limited than during a normal school year. To help meet this challenge, ISP is pleased to introduce DialCare Physician Access & Mental Wellness, now part of our Trail Blazer Elite plans. Telehealth continues to grow in popularity and utilization, and we are pleased to offer students this convenient, safe, secure, and low cost access to medical care and mental health services.

Physician Access
As campuses re open, access to campus health centers and local medical providers may be limited, and students may not want to leave the safety of their dorm or apartment for a minor condition. DialCare gives members the freedom to obtain basic medical care from the comfort of their home:

  • 24/7 Physician Access for non-emergency medical issues with No Co-pay
  • Prescriptions provided when medically appropriate
  • Translation service in 200+ languages available
  • Consultation with a Physician via phone or video chat

Mental Wellness
Life as a college student is difficult enough without the stress and uncertainty of being away from home during a global pandemic. Access to mental health support is more important than ever, and DialCare Mental Wellness provides a secure, private platform for students to remotely seek assistance from a licensed mental health professional for common conditions including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • And many more...

We've added this service to our Trail Blazer Elite plans for new enrollments into the 2020-2021 plans, and the service can also be offered as a standalone benefit for groups. Contact us to learn more.