International Students in the US

Northeast State Community College (Non-Sports)

International Student Protection, provided by J. Deutsch Associates, is pleased to present the Trail Blazer Plan.

Trail Blazer is ISP’s high-end health plan for international students and scholars, starting at $50 per month for students age 29 and under. Trail Blazer exceeds US State Department insurance requirements for J1/J2 visa holders and meets most University insurance requirements.

Trail Blazer

  • Rates starting at $50 per month
  • $500,000 max benefit per accident or sickness
  • No Deductible at Student Health Center
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Trail Blazer

Plan Highlights

  • No Deductible at Student Health Center
  • Prescription Network
  • Lost Baggage

Plan Documents

Summary of Benefits

Benefits Coverage

Annual / Lifetime Maximum


Maximum per Covered Accident or Sickness



$25 Waived for Treatment provided by the Student Health Center


80% of Covered Expenses up to $5,000; 100% of Covered Expenses, Thereafter

Pre-existing Condition Limitation (subject to prior creditable coverage)

6 months prior to effective date $1,000 Maximum for pre-existing conditions


Prescriptions Drugs

$25 Generic; $50 All Other

Emergency Room






Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains

Covered at 100% Actual Cost

Lost Baggage

Included in certain states

Personal Property and Financial Instrument Reimbursement

Included in certain states

Rates (Per Month)

Age Trail Blazer Plan

Age 29 and Under


Age 30 and Over


Participant and Spouse


Participant and Dependent Child(ren)


Participant, Spouse and Dependent Child(ren)


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