Making a Claim

It is always recommended that you first seek treatment at your college or university’s Health Service Center when practical. They have your medical records, provide many services free-of-charge, and have practical knowledge of the local medical community. Visiting the student health center will also reduce your out of pocket expense. ISP Plans do not require that you first be treated at the student health center.

What to do if you need healthcare

If a Health Center is not available to you or you require emergency medical attention then you will need to go to your nearest appropriate medical facility or call 911 if necessary.

Making a claim is an easy thing to do. But some insurers have different claims procedures so you need to check which insurance company you are using. We are here to help if you have any difficulties - just call us or contact us here.

How to Make a Claim 

Your Account


Check the progress of an existing claim or manage your account here. 

Your ID card shows who your insurer is and which claim form to use.

Don't worry if you've misplaced your id card, you can reprint it anytime

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ISP Basic, Plus, Plus Sports or Preferred Plan






If you just need to quickly download a claim form, you can do so here.

Claim Forms

Help your students file a claim.

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