USF Trail Blazer Elite

For students and scholars looking for a higher level of coverage, lower out of pocket costs, and additional benefits, look no further than Trail Blazer Elite. Starting at $94 per month for students age 24 and under, Trail Blazer Elite offers comprehensive coverage that exceeds the US State Department insurance requirements for J1 visa holders. It also meets university requirements and can be used as an alternative option to your school’s mandatory insurance program.

The plan includes important benefits to cover medical expenses for accidents and sicknesses, as well as mental health, prescription drugs, physical therapy, and more. Our plans are designed with the unique needs of international students and scholars in mind and provides benefits for those traveling far from home, including Emergency Medical Reunion, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation of Remains, and 24/7 Travel Assistance.

Enhanced benefits provided by Trail Blazer Elite include virtual/telephone visits with a doctor or mental health professional, at no cost to the member, along with a Quarantine Benefit, which provides benefits for costs you incur for accommodations, meals, or travel if you are forced into medical Quarantine due to COVID-19.

The plan is pre-approved by the university and eligible students can enroll quickly and easily through our website in minutes and obtain instant proof of coverage. Once enrolled, members can conveniently manage their plan using our online platform. To learn more, view our brochure below and when you are ready to get a quote and enroll, click Enroll Now to begin!

  • Meets University Requirements & Florida Board of Governors' Requirements
  • Low Monthly Rates - Starting at $94 per Month
  • $600,000 Medical Maximum per Accident or Sickness
    No Deductible / No Copay at Student Health Center
  • Includes Virtual/Telehealth and Mental Health Visits
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains Covered at 100%Includes Quarantine Benefit

To learn more, view the brochure below. To get a quote and enroll, click Enroll Now!

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USF Trail Blazer Elite - View Brochure