Why Do I Need Insurance?

Taking out an insurance plan helps you to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and makes it much easier for you to receive quality healthcare. You may not currently have any health issues but you never know when you might need to visit a doctor, whether it is for the flu or a serious injury.  We can’t predict what’s around the corner and unfortunately accidents do happen; which can be very expensive when you’re abroad. Medical bills in the U.S. are extremely costly without adequate insurance, and if they’re left unpaid they may well affect your finances, which in turn could result in you having to discontinue your studies. Additionally, most colleges and universities in the US require international students to have insurance. If you are unsure which plan meets the requirements of your school, please contact us so we can help you choose the correct plan.

If you are in the US through an exchange program on a J-1 visa, you (and any dependents traveling with you on J-2 visas) will need an insurance plan that meets at least the minimum requirements set forth by the US State Department. With this in mind, each of our plans have been designed to exceed these requirements.