For U.S. Students Traveling Abroad

Traveling outside of the U.S to study? It can be an overwhelming time for any student. Take the pressure off by making sure you’re insured for unexpected illnesses or injuries. You can put your mind at ease and concentrate on more important things by purchasing the Student Health Advantage Plan before you leave.

If you’re a U.S. student looking to temporarily study abroad, ISP can offer an insurance package to suit your needs.

Please note that not every plan is available in all states or to all schools. Plan design may vary on a state by state basis.

To find out which plans are available at your school, please select your state below.

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We do not have a ready-made plan available to you. This is because:

The school or university you are attending does not have an association with ISP


We do not offer an insurance plan for your state or the state your university/school is in.

We can still possibly offer you a personal insurance plan or cover from one of our insurance partners. Contact us to discuss your options.