UF Scholar Trail Blazer 


  • Rates Starting at $49 per month
    $300,000 Medical Maximum per Accident or Sickness
    $100 Deductible per Accident or Sickness
    $25 Office Copay (Waived at Student Health Center)

Rates (per month)

Benefits Coverage
Annual/Lifetime Maximum Unlimited
Maximum per Covered Accident or Sickness $300,000
Deductible $100 per accident or sickness (Reduced to $50 for treatment at SHC)
In Network Coinsurance 80% of Preferred Provider Charges
Out of Network Coinsurance 70% of Usual & Customary Charged
Pre-ex 6 months
Dr's Office Visit $25 (Waived at Student Health Center)
Emergency Room $200
Hospital room and Board $200
MRI/CAT Scans $100
Prescription Drugs $25 Generic $50 All Other $15 Oral Contraceptives
Maximum for Dental Treatment $2,500 Injury Only
AD&D $10,000
Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation of Remains 100% of Actual Cost
Family Reunion $3,500
Emergency Reunion $3,500


University of Florida Scholar Brochure