Why You Should Create a LinkedIn Profile NOW

As a college student, it’s likely that you are very familiar with social media in all its various forms – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it. You might be a little less familiar with the social media platform called LinkedIn.

4 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Are you on the borderline about deciding to study abroad or not? You’re not alone! Studying abroad is an educational and fun opportunity that should be taken advantage of if available to you. Studying abroad can bring new experiences and perspective, and create new social opportunities for students. In addition to the immediate benefits of experiencing a new place and the fun and excitement that comes with it, studying abroad also provides life-long benefits. Learning about different cultures and experiencing different academic environments provide students with a once-in-a lifetime global perspective that they can apply in their daily lives upon returning to their home college and for years to come. Here are the four major benefits of studying abroad that may help sway your decision: